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 • Samadhi Movements •
Bodyweight Training based
on Cosmic Cycles & Daily Energies by the Mayan Calendar “Tzolkin”
Calisthenics • Animal Movements
Handstand, Split & Bend Training
Elements of Yoga

• Samadhi Movements •
Bodyweight training based
on Cosmic Cycles & Daily Energies 
by the Mayan Calendar “Tzolkin”
Calisthenics • Animal Movements
Handstand, Split & Bend Training

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Retreats with Stanley Samadhi


100 % Focus on Movements

‘Samadhi Movements’ is an unique Bodyweight Training Program
based on Cosmic Cycles by the Mayan Calendar “Tzolkin”
use daily Energies for your Workouts and for a Conscious Life

100 % Plantbased Performance & Power

We love healthy & delicious Soulfood, because our body is our temple

100 % Cosmic Nature Connection

Workouts, Mediations and Rituals at the most energetic Hotspots on Earth
based on Ley Lines & Meridians
connected to nature, barefoot grounding, earthing and breathing techniques

Samadhi Movements • LEVELS


Samadhi Movements includes…

Breath Work
Bodyweight Training based on Cosmic Cycles
Animal Movements
Handstand, Split & Bend Training 

no equipment for Beginners and Advanced
optional for Pros – bring your GymRings, Weight Vest

How we could plan a schedule…

Daily Retreat Program

6.00am • Morning Meditation, Celebrate a Conscious New Day
6.30am Sunrise Worship

7.00am – 8.30am • Samadhi Movements based on Cosmic Cycles

9.30am • Breakfast
11.00am – 2.00pm • Teaching & Mentoring / Exploration

2.30pm • Lunch
4.00pm – 6.00pm • Relaxation Time

6.00pm – 7.30pm • Samadhi Movements / Teaching & Mentoring

8.00pm • Dinner with Sunset Worship
10.00pm • Evening Silence, Journaling, Meditation

Plan your own Retreat with me!
The Retreat program is based on Stanley Samadhis current daily and most efficient practices & habits. 
For planning a common Retreat with more than one coaches the “teaching & mentoring time” is predestinated for further coaching.  



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