Hi soulmate, thank you for your mindfulness to visit my website. I am Stanley Samadhi and love living a conscious life. I am a bodyweight training athlete, Yoga & Tantra massage practitioner and enjoy traveling the world, sharing my experiences and a freedom lifestyle. When you also love living a conscious life and are looking to learn (remember) and practice with me live, check out my Retreats page. You are looking for private mentoring with me, check out my Mentoring page. Further I am pleasant anticipated to launch very soon the Samadhi Movements International Online Academy. Subscribe the essence of samadhi newsletter to join the first cosmic bodyweight training tribe and to receive all my news and events about a conscious life. 

Life is movement. And life is so much more than movements. For me a conscious life means being aware of all important areas of life. It all starts with the air when we were born and took the first breath. So being aware of beneficial breathing techniques is one breakthrough for more life energy. The next most important element after air is water. Fresh and clean, energized water is another key for performance and health. The element earth represents the grounding and connection with mother nature. Mother nature nourishes every single life with healthy plants and teaches boundless abundance. With honoring and using these elements of life wisely, we arousing the element fire. The fire – LOVE – arouses our purpose of life. With essence of samadhi, I want to give you insights and inspirations of this important elements of life. To live a conscious life. This is the essence of samadhi. 

In Lak’ech. Hala K’in.
Stanley Samadhi

I hope you find what you are looking for. For enquiries and feedback, feel free to send me a message. 

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